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WE ARE TAKEN TO COURT – and people on the move are denied the right to life.

On 21.05.2022, 5 years after the most extensive and controversial investigation into non-governmental rescue organization in the Mediterranean, starts the preliminary hearing at the Court of Trapani.

Not only us, but also crew members of Doctors Without Borders and Save the Children – a total of 21 individuals and 3 organisations – are on the final list. All too obvious, the aim is to make an example of us in order to deter others – and to divert attention from the human rights violations committed by the EU.

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Most important readings

The Crime of Rescue – The Iuventa case

an investigation by Forensic Oceanography and Forensic Architecture

Researchers have analysed exclusive video and photo material, Iuventa logbooks, GPS coordinates and weather data after the seizure of the ship. In this video, they refute the argumentation of Italian police in the Iuventa case: There is no evidence for a collusion of crew and smugglers.

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Salvini’s Spy on the Mediterranean

ZEIT Online (German)

In 2019, the man who first reported Iuventa rescue missions to the Italian police, tells ZEIT ONLINE reporters: “I never witnessed the NGOs collaborating with the traffickers. That was always just a hunch.” First appearence of Pietro Gallo, once seen as main witness against us, in international media.

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The Deadliest Border in the World

The German Times

Report about the day Italian undercover police bugged the Iuventa bridge: “Even at the time, the crew of the Iuventa suspected something wasn’t right, but they followed the orders given to them nonetheless. Only months later would they find out why the MRCC had ordered them to Lampedusa.”

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