Trapani court: Judge’s decision in the IUVENTA trial!

February 22, 2024

After two years of preliminary hearings, a decision will be reached in the largest, most expensive and most complex court case against members of Civil Sea Rescue.

The court in Trapani will decide: Acquittal or main trial!

The preliminary proceedings against the crew of the IUVENTA and others are already considered the longest in the history of the court in Trapani. Four consecutive days of hearings, during which all parties will make their closing arguments, will culminate in the judge’s decision!

Calendar of hearings28 February – The prosecution will present their closing arguments, followed by the Italian Ministry of Interior, who is participating in the trial as a civil plaintiff.

 29 February to 01 March – The defence lawyers will present their closing arguments.

 02 March – The judge will make a decision: acquittal or main trial.

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