Call for solidarity! Closing arguments and judge’s decision

February 22, 2024

🗓 Save the dates: 28.02. to 02.03.2024❗️

There are many opportunities to accompany and support during these days!

1️⃣ Post about the trial on your social media accounts!The main hashtag will be #freeiuventa. We’ll be glad to receive every post, tweet, picture or video showing support! You can start posting from Wednesday 28.02 at 10am. Use our hashtags and tag us!

2️⃣ Stay tuned to our social media accounts and help us spread the word! During these days, there will be various publications and we are preparing a special agenda for these days with fellow people and projects.

3️⃣ If you have ideas or contacts, want to publish yourself or have contacts to journalists, artists, activists, etc. who you think should be there, report about it please put us in touch!
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During 4 consecutive days – 28 February to 2 March – all parties will give their closing arguments.

➡️ Wednesday, 28 February: prosecution & state appointed lawyer for the Italian Ministry of the Interior.

➡️ Thursday 29 February and Friday 1st March: Defence lawyers (Save The Children, IUVENTA, MSF and VROON).

➡️ Saturday 2 March: The judge will have the opportunity to make a decision: Acquittal or main trial.

🔄 For all those who want to catch up on the events of the last days of the trial, you will find the latest news on our website:
Press releases from the iuventa-crew:
Our statements in court:
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