New twist: Judge requests summoning of key witnesses and analysis of more evidence!

December 14, 2023

Trapani. It seems that the GIP (court of preliminary hearing) has realised that what the Trapani Public Prosecutor’s Office has presented so far as the biggest investigation against the evil SAR NGOs may not contain any evidence to support the charges.

To everyone’s surprise, the judge has ordered more witnesses to be heard and more data from the IMRCC (Italian Maritime Rescue Coordination Centre) to be analysed before he can decide whether the trial should be dropped or drag on for years.

As much as we hope for an end to the trial and as tired as we are of any delay in the only possible decision – a full acquittal – we welcome the fact that what should have happened years ago is finally happening: the hearing of relevant witnesses and the confrontation of their statements with the reality of the evidence!

We are not afraid of the outcome. It can only confirm what we have been saying for years: this trial is politically motivated, it has no basis in criminal law, it should never have started!

The judge is finally doing what the prosecution has failed to do for years: examining whether there is any evidence at all to justify this trial.

New trial dates have been set for January 2024.

Well then… Happy New Year!