Iuventa defendants counter accusations in court

October 14, 2023

On the 13th of October, the iuventa defendants had the possibility to address the court. Their voices, memories and arguments became part of the proceedings for the first time since the investigation against them began seven years ago.

Listen what Dariush, Sascha and the lawyer Nicola Canestrini have to say about that day in court. Some of our statements we publish as they were made in the courtroom. You can find them as text and audio.

Statements by the defendants and the lawyer

iuventa-crew lawayer, he talks about the day of the trial and what it means for the course of the proccedings.

iuventa-crew defendant, he talks about what accusation we have to make and about the consequences of this trial for the people on the move.

You can find his full statement from the courtroom as text or audio here:
Statement of the defendant Dariush

iuventa-crew accused, he speaks of the strong evidence that the charges against him and his co-defendants are baseless.

You can find his full statement from the courtroom here:
Statement of the defendant Sascha