October 1, 2022

European countries are employing many different methods to prevent people from reaching safety. While still not providing legal and safe routes, EU states rely instead on a systematic criminalisation of people on the move and those in solidarity with them.
The denial of adequate translation and substantial interpretation is a hurdle that foreign language speakers often cannot overcome, as their right to effectively taking part in their own proceedings is systematically denied by authorities, from the first contact with police up to the prosecutors and judges. These unfair conditions basically affect all foreign language defendants, like us the iuventa- crew as well, but more severely those who do not have sufficient socio-economic capital or broad social or solidarity networks to protect themselves.

FOLLOW our campaign! We aim to report on the violation of the right to adequate translation and interpretation in the courts, police stations or other authorities. We want to spotlight testimonies and experiences and make them evident in their manifold effects.

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