Rescued people standing close together in a row.
More than 23.000 people lost their life in the Central Mediterranean Sea since 2014. It remains one of the world’s deadliest borders.

The crew of the Iuventa was conducting Search and Rescue operations during 2016 and 2017, until the ship was confiscated by Italian authorities on 2nd August 2017. On 4 March 2021, charges of “aiding and abetting unauthorised entry” were brought against 4 crew members and employees of 2 other NGOs. Two years of pre-trial proceedings followed with over 40 trial days. 

On 19 April 2024, the judge delivered his verdict. All charges against the defendants have been dropped! It is an important legal victory!

But this decision is only a milestone, not the end of the struggle!

The core problems that led us to act remain:

The denial of safe and legal escape and migration routes to Europe.
The dangerous journeys that people on the move are forced to take, leading to violence and death.
The criminalisation of solidarity with and mutual assistance among refugees, leading to the destruction of lives by EU migration policies.

Our commitment is unwavering. We will continue:

At sea: rescuing and assisting those in danger.
In the courts: defending the rights of people on the move and those who act in solidarity with them.
On the streets: Raising awareness and mobilising support in our communities.

Together, we will continue to fight for justice, for the right to have rights, and for freedom of movement for all!

Decriminalise facilitation!

June 17, 2024

What was not achieved in the iuventa trial is finally becoming a reality thanks to the Kinsa case: the most far-reaching challenges to European (anti-)migration laws to date!

We are not simply fighting a case in court. We need your support! Sign up for regular updates, let us make solidarity a threat again!
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„This trial is not just about us. All across Europe, people are being prosecuted for handing out food, giving shelter, saving lives. I stand by my actions. How can solidarity be a crime?“

Sascha · Head of Mission IUVENTA. Find out more about criminalisation

It's not only about us! Read more about criminalisation of migration & solidarity

While it is us who to stand trial, we have our own accusation to levy:

  • We accuse European politics of actively violating the human rights of people on the move.
  • We accuse the EU of collaborating with authoritarian regimes that violate the human rights of migrants such as Libya, Tunisia, Turkey and Morocco.
  • We accuse the EU of aiding and abetting the criminalisation and imprisonment of people on the move


The racist border regime’s violence and arbitrary criminalisation is the crime.


Migration is not a crime.


Solidarity at sea is not a crime.
Help us prove that in court.