Rescued people standing close together in a row.
More than 23.000 people lost their life in the Central Mediterranean Sea since 2014. It remains one of the world’s deadliest borders.      source: IMO

The crew of the Iuventa was conducting Search and Rescue operations during 2016 and 2017, until the ship was confiscated by Italian authorities on 2nd August 2017.
A part of the iuventa-crew and employees of 2 other NGO’s were under investigation for “aiding and abetting unauthorised immigration” and charges were brought against them. On 21 May 2022, pre-trial proceedings were opened.


After a series of hearings, a decision on whether to continue or drop the case will be made in the first half of 2024.


Trapani court: Judge’s decision in the IUVENTA trial!

February 22, 2024

After two years of preliminary hearings, a decision will be reached in the largest, most expensive and most complex court case against members of Civil Sea Rescue

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„This trial is not just about us. All across Europe, people are being prosecuted for handing out food, giving shelter, saving lives. I stand by my actions. How can solidarity be a crime?“

Sascha · Head of Mission IUVENTA. Find out more about criminalisation

It's not only about us! Read more about criminalisation of migration & solidarity

While it is us who to stand trial, we have our own accusation to levy:

  • We accuse European politics of actively violating the human rights of people on the move.
  • We accuse the EU of collaborating with authoritarian regimes that violate the human rights of migrants such as Libya, Tunisia, Turkey and Morocco.
  • We accuse the EU of aiding and abetting the criminalisation and imprisonment of people on the move


The racist border regime’s violence and arbitrary criminalisation is the crime.


Migration is not a crime.


Solidarity at sea is not a crime.
Help us prove that in court.